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Dedicated to providing superior customer service
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Dedicated to providing superior customer service
(904) 355-1776



Asphalt paving is our core business. All Pro Asphalt has been placing asphalt for over 15 years. Our experience includes parking lots, driveways, cul-de-sacs, private roads, pedestrian/golf cart trails and other areas where asphalt paving is located.

We commonly work with building owners, property managers, homeowners, homeowners associations, facility managers, site & utility contractors, electrical contractors, plumbing contractors, general contractors and public agencies.

Our inventory of paving machines, dump trucks, vibratory rollers, traffic rollers, seal coat machines, compaction equipment, tack machines and hand tools allows us to self-perform all work related to asphalt paving.

Pavement Repair

All Pro Asphalt can solve your repair and maintenance problems. There are numerous solutions available to remedy your paving issues and we can recommend one or more that can solve your problems.

Depending on the situation, we may suggest one or more of the following:
Complete removal of the existing asphalt surface and replace.
Evaluate the sub-base & repair/compact.
Overlay a new asphalt surface over the existing surface.
Saw cut the problem section and replace.

Seal Coating

If your asphalt is showing wear or hasn't been seal coated in 3-4 years, you should consider having it done. By applying seal coat, your pavement will be protected from water damage and provide a "new" appearance. An application of seal coat will help extend the life of your asphalt paving.

All Pro Asphalt adheres strictly to manufacturer's guidelines and never dilutes the seal in excess of specifications. Overdilution of the seal will shorten the life of the seal coat.

Striping/Paving Markings

Our striping and pavement marking crews can handle all of your painting needs. Our inventory of paint machines and stencils allows us to complete your project in minimal time.
  • Arrows
  • Crosswalks
  • Driving Lines
  • Fire Lanes
  • Handicap Striping
  • Painted curbing
  • Parking Lines
  • Reserved & Numbered Spaces
  • Stop Bars
  • Other Painted Markings


All Pro Asphalt can provide and install your parking lot or road signage. Whether safety, security, fire, traffic, handicap or parking; we can satisfy your requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our signage services.